Happy Curls to You!

  1. Crowning Glory Coils and Kinks turned 2 today!

    Crowning Glory Coils and Kinks turned 2 today!

  2. We love one of these!

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  3. richardmurrayhumblr:

…andthenyoushootyourcousin by ErraJawnson

Simply Fabulous! Had to reblog!
  4. Naturals Go Steam Those Tresses!

    Naturals Go Steam Those Tresses!

    This blog is the result of a question from a fellow natural hair lady, Lady Rice! She wanted to “refresh” her hair in the morning without “rewetting” her wash n’ go. As most of us natural ladies know that sleeping with your hair attire, unless you pineapple, you end up with “helmet” hair! Curls are still there but they are “smashed” or “matted.” Not a pretty site!

    Okay, the steaming trend…

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  10. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Kerahs?ref=si_shop
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